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Bliss wheels

Bliss Wheel Co. Website Coming Very Very Soon!

Mika Edin

Bliss wheel co website

Don´t forget to check out the new Bliss wheel co website, out very very soon!

Mika Edin

Beast to West trailer!

Dont forget to check out the docymentary about our America coast to cost trip!
First episode droping september 1

Heres the trailer.

Mika Edin

Back in stockholm

I just got back to stockholm after 6 wonderful weeks in the states. It turned out that the weather was equally good back home:) Heres some skatepark footage from the trip, filmed by My homie Josh Cronje...

Mika Edin

New Bellows video

Check out the brand new Bellows video!

Mika Edin

A day with the homies at Lincoln Park

Today me and Sarah went to Lincoln Park where we had an awesome skatesession along with Chris Pastras and Clint peterson.

Mika Edin

Freezetried V

Dont forget to check out Bellows skaeboards anual freezetried video!

Mika Edin

Coast to coast in America! 4

Tour is over... We made it all the way to Los Angeles. We have been on the road for almost 3 weeks and it feels sad it's over but I'm also happy we have our own place in La, where im going to stay for another 3 weeks. Texas and Arizona was great and the Caves in New Mexico were amazing. Heres some photos..
Mika Edin

Coast to coast in America! 3

We have made it all the way to Houston Texas! This is the citys we have explored so far, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Pensacola, New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston. Good skatesessions and some Awesome food experiences along the way...
See You soon!
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