Winter Fuck and a buck....deer

its here, its in my face. its -34oC and my Van wont start and nose wont stop.
but the magic came with it. so much snow and a productive season ahead. my body is sexier than ever and wants to challenge some bad ass line once more. i will grant my body this wish under one condition. that it gets good and laid on the regular...yes???? YES master.....
good than go and do as you please on the mountain tops. BE WITH NATURE!

i've already been bagging deep turns and there are many more to follow. But yesterday, while drinking a coffee in my kitchen a bothered doe (a deer, a female) deer caught my eye. immediately behind it was a rapist buck squirming for a fuck and fuck they did. all over my yard. Then today, in that very spot those two dear F-ed an Elk ate grass. did it taste different today, mr Elk???? my dog and i sat curiously at the window until he left. i realized there are perverts in the animal world too. imagine a man did the same thing. sniffing a sex spot and then dining upon it. we would call for a restraining order we would.