When was WeSC founded?

WeSC was founded in 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Where can I buy WeSC products?

and find your nearest retailer there.

How can I find out more about the company?

Visit the WeSCPEDIA
where we have gathered information, archive, facts and trivia about the brand. If you're more of the social kind, be sure to check out or NEWS & EVENTS

If I want to ask WeSC a question, submit ideas or want to work with us - how do I do it?

Then please contact us. You can find the adress under CONTACT

I posted an article in the WeSCPEDIA
. that hasn't been published. Why is that?
Well, we get quite a lot of submissions and we're trying to post them all. But sometimes there's just not room for it, or it was offensive - in which way we didn't want to publish it.

Where can I find out more about the WeSC clothing and headphones?

To see our products, go to CLOTHES & MORE
. To buy our products, got to WeSC LOCATOR
to find stores and online retailers in your region. For any other questions you might have, go to CONTACT
and send us an email.

Other things you're wondering about?

Browse to find out or CONTACT