• The most famous Belgian is JCvD.
• Here you can drink Raspberry Beer.
• Waterloo got its name after the ABBA song.
• Belgiums Royal Palace is bigger than Buckingham Palace but however smaller than Beckingham Palace.

All facts have been scientifically proven by WeSC.

2 WeActivists in Belgium

57 Stores in Belgium

  • Aalst
  • Freedom

    Grote Markt 10
    9300 Aalst
  • Aarschot
  • Giotto

    Th. De Beckerstraat 35-37
    3200 Aarschot
  • Antwerpen
  • Brooklyn Antwerpen

    Huidevettersstraat 36
    2000 Antwerpen
    0032 3 232 81 51
  • Battice
  • Collector

    Rue Waucomont 94
    4651 Battice
  • Blankenberge
  • Breeze

    Jean Jaureslaan 4
    8370 Blankenberge
  • Bree
  • Brusten

    Opitterstraat 23-25
    3960 Bree
  • Brugge
  • Brooklyn Brugge

    Noordzandstraat 50
    8000 Brugge
    0032 50 33 31 43
  • Level One

    Noordzandstraat 78
    8000 Brugge
  • Brussels
  • Mr Ego

    Rue des pierres 29
    1000 Brussels

Whats up in Belgium

Pär Strömberg

We Activist Pär Strömberg Art Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium

2013/09/07 - 2013/09/08
Hotel BLOOM! rue Royale 250 Koningstraat B - 1210 BRUSSELS, (Belgium)

Trajector Intermezzo – Rematch!

Save the dates! Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 September 2013.

Hotel BLOOM!
rue Royale 250 Koningstraat

Trajector Intermezzo ‘Rematch’ will take the form of solo and two-artist presentations by the invited artists in the first floor guest rooms of Hotel Bloom!

Trajector Intermezzo ‘Rematch’ includes presentations by American, Belgian, British, Canadian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Japanese,… read more →
WeSC Belgium
WeSC Belgium News

WeActivist Baloji jamming with Bono U2!

U2 has never performed at the popular Coachella Music Festival, but Bono surprised California by doing a brief solo performance with the Belgian-Congolese artist and our WeActivist, Baloji. It happened at a Rolling Stone-hosted event with the Diesel and Edun fashion houses. Their unexpected performance was a success so keep on jamming guys!
WeSC Belgium
WeSC Belgium Event

Finals Push It Young Talent Tour #2, sponsored by WeSC

2013/04/19 - 2013/04/19
Café d'Anvers, Antwerp, Belgium (Belgium)

The famous party organisation Push It is always in search for new DJ talent in Belgium, and that’s why, just like last year, DJ Prinz organised the Push It Young Talent Tour through the whole country. As a participant, you had to subscribe your mixtape to the Vi.be website and compete in one of the 12 stops in regional clubs. In each region one contestant was picked who had to perform at the semi-finals. Two winners were chosen for the final and they will be fighting for the… read more →
WeSC Belgium
WeSC Belgium News

REVERT x WeSC shop front

Our good friends at Revert shop in Haarlem have a great store.

Last week we have transformed their complete store front to showcase the new WeSC collection.

Check it out here:

And the new WeSC summer collection:
Revert Shop

Mathieu Fonsny

Surfing Leons & Miss Eaves - Banga

On Feb 20th, Buraka Som Sistema's label Enchufa unleashed Surfing Leons‘ and Miss Eaves‘ sub-bass infused rap antics onto the world, but the bouncy beats and colorful rhymes of Banga, the fourth episode of the Upper Cuts free download series, are still going strong. In fact, they may be going stronger than ever as the Belgian producer, DJ, promoter, label head and all-around workaholic just uploaded a brand new video to his Youtube page, showing us some fun dance moves and… read more →
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