• Restaurants will kick you out if you ask for a filter coffee. They will then laugh at you.
• Since 1988, the Italian Government has added vitamins to the tap water, giving the hydrated population very beautiful hair.
• The Scooter Olympics City Edition took place in Milan 1997. The winner got a helmet.

These facts have been scientifically proven by WeSC.

2 WeActivists in Italy

20 Stores in Italy

  • Green Store Lazise

    Via Calle I 1 Lazise (VR)
    phone: +39457580709

    mail: info@greenstore.it
  • Feedback Store

    phone: +39 0552469230 Corso Tintori n. 43/r 50122 Firenze info@feedback-store.it
  • Bolzano
  • Sub

    Via della Roggia 15
    39100 Bolzano
    phone: +39471980145
  • Brescia
  • Minoia Store

    Via Leonardo Da Vinci 24/26 abc
    25128 Brescia
    phone: +39303385215
  • Cagliari
  • Bertola

    Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 134
    09125 Cagliari
    phone: +3970665800
    mail: bertolashop@yahoo.it
  • Cesena
  • E-side

    Via Carbonari 4
    47023 Cesena
  • Cremona
  • High Time

    Via Dante, 97
    26100 Cremona
    phone: +3937222681
  • Cuneo
  • Sun City

    Via Monsignor Peano 4
    12100 Cuneo
    phone: +39171690361
  • Genova
  • Kiss Polly

    Stadone Sant'Agostino, 26R
    16123 Genova
    phone: +39102476127
  • Merano
  • Fakie

    Via dei Portici 244
    39012 Merano
    phone: +39473270175

Whats up in Italy

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Italy's winner of Django Unchained premier tickets!

Congratulations to Italy's winner of tickets to tonights premier of Django Unchained - @sandrobottomei! We hope/think you'll love the film and your new Chambers by RZA headphones and we're happy you participated in the WeSC & Django in A Superlative Conspiracy Competition!
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Rae Martini 24 CARAT DIRT Premier!

On May 10th, Rae Martini presented his last video and editorial project, 24 CARAT DIRT, at The Don Gallery – Milan.

24 Carat Dirt is a book and a video that want to show Rae’s background throughout his evolutionary path from the creations on paper dated back to the first years of 90’s, passing through the illegal works linked to the urban contest, till the selection of recent artworks realized on canvas and that they have been setted in the context of the Contemporary art.… read more →
  • In this Picture/ 1 WeActivist
    • Rae Martini
  • In this Picture/ 1 WeActivist
    • Rae Martini
WeSC Italy
WeSC Italy Event


2012/05/10 - 2012/05/10

Check out some pics of the "24 Carat Dirt" event of the WeActivist Rae Martini's book launch!

Photos by Mattia Buffoli
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The Superlative Journey - Rome!

Italy is wine, pasta, passion and mozzarella. Add to that mountains, beaches, cities and Italians.It’s a lot more than that too - with a rich culture heritage spanning decades upon decades and architecture and monuments to show it all in it’s glory we decided it was a natural stop on the Superlative Journey. WeActivist Rae Martini leads the pack as they travel through the beautiful streets of Rome and show us their side of the city!


Follow the Superlative Journey here!
WeSC Italy
WeSC Italy Event

WeSC present: Rae Martini - 24 Carat Dirt

2012/05/10 - 2012/05/10
The Don Gallery | Via Cola Montano, 15 - Milan (Italy)

WeSC presents:
Rae Martini
- 24 Carat Dirt
Book Launch | Video Preview

Thursday May 10 2012 - 18.30/22.00
The Don Gallery - Via Cola Montano, 15 – Milan

24 CARAT DIRT is the first editorial - video monograph project by Rae Martini.

In the book, the author’s fervent determination and his daily study can be summarized in an unprecedented evolutionary path, a path that began at the end of the 80s and evolved progressively, allowing us to perceive the evolution of… read more →
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