• In Korea, you excercise before breakfast.
• Koreans are one year old when they're born & their age increments on New Years Day not their birthday. Pretty rad!
• If you order a Sundae you'll get bean curd and veggies stuffed in pigs intestines. Beware.

These facts have been scientifically proven by WeSC.

14 Stores in Korea

  • Shinsegae Deparment store (T-with)

    5F 19-3 Banpo-dong,Suchogu,Seoul,Kore
    There is T-shirts multi-shop.
    Brand -ED Hardy,55DSL,Fred Ferry,Junk Food and etc
  • Seoul
  • Apgujung Galleria Department store

    -An Antenna Shop leading Fashion Trend.
    Luxury Hall WEST introduces the newest styles for young generation and is most loved by fashion maniacs and celebrities.

    There is Best famous Multi-shop in Korea.
  • Girlsmall

    135-120 Seoul
  • 10 corso como korea

    135-100 Seoul
    1400 square meeter concept store consist of High fashion,accessories,books.music,and cafe/restarant.
  • A#

    135-090 Seoul
    Apple and Headphone Life Style shop.
  • Hyundai(Denim Bar)

    158-050 Seoul
  • Sinsegae Department Store(T-with)


Whats up in Korea

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Win a pair of tickets UMF Korea

Win a pair of VIP tickets UMF Korea

All you have to do is make any purchase and 'like' us on wesc korea facebook! and
WeSC mania naver cafe

only 10 pairs of tickets up for grabs!

Let's enjoy
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Check out Yuna Kim in the WeSC RZA street Headphone!

South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim(2010 Olympic champion) in the WeSC RZA street Headphone!
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Korea WeSC X Akira B Party at Octagon in Seoul

So we just wanted to let you know that last X-mas (24nd of December), WeSC danced the night away at Super club (Octagon)in Seoul Korea. We teamed up with Akira B(Korea No 1 DJ Duo)
WeSC Hong Kong
WeSC Hong Kong Event

Neverland Dance House x WeSC opening party!

2011/03/06 - 2011/03/06
Kwun Tong, Neverland Dance House, Hong kong (Korea)

Check out the pictures from "Neverland Dance House" opening dance party y'all!!!

Created by Shing Mak (credited choreographer for Karen Mok, Andy Lau, Kary Ng and more), Neverland Dance House is one of Hong Kong's freshest dance companies, period.

The dance house boasts state of the art equipment, "Neverland" themed interior design, an...d of course, top quality choreographers and dance tutors.

WeSC Hong Kong fully supports sheer dopeness. We will definitely be seeing… read more →
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