• Famous for violent movie shoots.
• Home of Vodka, bought very cheap by litre.
• Has the highest number of fur hats in the world.
• Those Russian dolls, what are they called?

3 WeActivists in Russia

20 Stores in Russia


    Multibrand online shop
    Biggest online shop in Russia
  • moomooshop

    (812) 933-89-19
  • Bryansk

    Krasnoarmeiskaya street, 81
    +7 (953) 294-79-00
    Graffiti shop
  • Chelyabinsk
  • Coolbikes

    Tsvilliga street, 44
  • Habarovsk
  • Black Box

    Dzerjinskogo street, 72
    +7 (4212) 691-591
  • Moscow
  • 21 shop

    Taganka Trade Centre "ATOM"
    3d floor, Streetwear Level
  • Destroy

  • Bazooka shop

    Taganskya sq. 86
    +7 (925) 792-25-52
  • Podium market

    ul. Ohotnyi ryad 2, TC Galerya Moskwa
    +7 (495) 225-02-05
  • Blacksides


Whats up in Russia

WeSC Russia
WeSC Russia Event

Function with Fabulous Mr.C (Russia) in Malmo

2011/10/22 - 2011/10/23
Club Function, Malmo (Sweden) (Russia)

In October 22, Russian local WeActivist DjChak spinnin' rare soul and funk 45s in Malmo

22го Октября, WeActivist DjChak (Санкт-Петербург) играет соул и фанк в городе Мальмё (Швеция)


Wouff, nu kan vi äntligen bjussa på lite Russian love i Malmö! Function är tillbaks med råge lör 22 okt på Babel. Med oss i dj-stallarna har vi inga mindre än Rysslands störste soul-mogul Dj Chak aka The Fabulous Mr C ända från St Petersburg samt… read more →
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Graffiti by Stas Dange

Stas Dange
, a Russian WeActivist recently drew this graffiti at the WeSC office located in St. Petersburg. Skaters from the band "LVO" helped him to do this, adding some details. So have a look at the process and the result of it! Or visit the cultural capital of Russia and see it with your own eyes. Anyway it's worth seing!
WeSC Russia
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Video from the Russian band KREC (one WeActivist included)

KREC is a music band from St. Petersburg which is very popular in Russia. They produce rap music which differ from other rap bands. Guys from KREC pay much attention on the texts of their songs, they have a lot of sense. The title of this band appeared from two words - kitchen records, as at the very beginning guys had to record in the kitchen.But now their songs are well known in every Russian city.
All the musiciants have their rutes in the street culture. Artem Brovkov aka… read more →
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Dange's Dream

A designer's life doesn't consist only of everyday joy and bright colors, but also requires routine work. Constantly searching for new ideas and the ways of realizing them - that often means that you have to work all day as well as all night. WeActivist Stas Dange
, a designer and illustrator from St. Petersburg is so exhausted that he often falls asleep in trains, offices and even shops. Once after another night of work Stas fell asleep in the shop "The Youth", surrounded by… read more →
WeSC Russia
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WeSC – Shoes SS’11 Party

Friday evening in Saint-Petersburg was marked with a nice party in the shop "The Youth", where was a presentation of the first WeSC footwear collection. Good sound from the DJs Fanick & Haks, free drinks and friendly atmosphere made the really dope event. Everyone enjoied communication and nice kicks from WeSC! It was also fun to see the scooter designed by WeActivist Stas Dange. Check the photos!

Вчера в питерском магазине Юность, тот что на малой Садовой, прошло… read more →
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