• Charlie Chapline died here in 1977.
• A hater invented the Swiss Army Knife.
• Is home to very healthy looking girls, many seduced through frequent use of Jägermeister.
• If you say Switzerland 15 times not sounding like an idiot you get a free beer.

These facts have been scientifically proven by WeSC.

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No, not THAT Kinski, not the lunatic actor. The Club... In Zurich. That's where WeSC Switzerland held a little Sausage party and brought together their Swiss Activists. Long time supporters Mannequine
and the lovely DJ Acee
took over the turntables after Frank Powers had captured the crowd with his unique voice and stage presence. We'll be back soon with news on his new EP. And thanks to all who were there. It was as crazy as only Kinski could get!
WeSC Switzerland
WeSC Switzerland News


No... Not that Kinski.. Not the crazy actor. The club in Zurich! Last Thursday evening the crowd went wild at the WeSC Swiss Activists party... A packed club for Frank Powers' concert and a full dancefloor for DJ Acee
and the Mannequine
Duo. Check out the latter two's soundclouds for their (re-)mixes. We'll get back to you later with news on Frank Powers' new EP. Thanks to all who where there.. It was as crazy as only Kinski could get.
WeSC Switzerland
WeSC Switzerland News


The Swiss WeSC Activists are coming together for a night at Zurich's Kinski Club. Long time members Mannequine, lovely DJ Acee and the one and only Frank Powers will mix up their different styles for a night with something for everybody; instrumental and vocals, heavy beats and electronical extravaganza. If you're around, hit Kinski
on Longstreet for a neat night out!
WeSC Switzerland
WeSC Switzerland News

DJ ACEE - New WeSC Switzerland Activist

Zurich's very own DJ ACEE is one of Switzerland's most active female DJs. Recognized internationally she remains up to date with her music and picks up the latest trends before most other DJs. She is mostly known for her progressive Hip Hop, R’n’B and Crunk sets, which she enhances with a touch of Electro or Mash-ups when the occasion calls for it. Her high technical abilities have impressed many clubbers and DJs around the world. Among them Fatlip of the Pharcyde who calls… read more →
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