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World Tour - #5 Australia

Our next stop on the tour was in the land down under, Australia! We had 3 amazing gigs lined up in Melbourne, Sydney and an island just off the coast of Brisbane.

In Melbourne we got to spend a few days with our tour manager Leenie Mayfield who took us eating, shopping and sightseeing. Our event at Revolver was fantastic, with Chuckie Mayfield painting a huge lion in the club and Mat Cant guest DJing.

Sydney, even though we spent solely 24 hours there, was jam packed… read more →

SuperBlast x WeSC Collab Collection - Fall 2013

Much love to the WeSC family! I´m very happy with the SuperBlast mini collection!
Thanks to the homies from Draw A Line
for the great video!

S/O MONDAY - Petter.

WeActivist and Swedish rapper Petter got a lot of things going right now and has had a very dope year so far - and we should introduce him as so much more than 'just' a rapper so we decided to give him a shout out.

So what happened this year for Petter? He opened a restaurant called KÄK in Hornstull Stockholm where you will find him there and again busting tables and chatting with guests. He released a book named '16 rader' (16 rows), this despite being dyslectic. He also… read more →
Mitchy Bwoy


Check out the new Instagram page >>>

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1st up: a little look around the studio + a couple of recent art events.

Look forward to seeing you on there!!


Mitchy Bwoy

Masquerade / Q-Tip / tonight

#Offline takes a turn to the dark side tonight with a full blown Masquerade. Check out the mighty Q-Tip the Abstract with DJ Kamala and Natasha Diggs. Masks are encouraged!

<<< more info here >>>
Electric Punanny

World Tour - #4 Germany

Our 4th stop on the world tour landed us in Germany. We were lucky to experience both Munich and Berlin, although Munich was only for a few hours. These parties were the craziest thus far!

Besides eating at some of the best restaurants ever (Spezlwirtscraft, Transit, Rosa Caleta and Dudu) we got to really see just how hard Germany parties. Clubs that stay open for four days straight, groups of friends that head out at 3am to start their night and people drinking in the… read more →
Electric Punanny

World Tour - #3 London

Our third stop on the tour was London, England - our home away from home across the pond. The minute we touched down, we were pulled in every direction. We had friends from NY who were in town, London locals that we had to catch up with and a slew of interviews and radio shows to do. Even though we got little sleep, it was so much fun.

Our event was on the 16th at The Social with The Heatwave for their infamous weekly party, 'Hot Wuk Wednesdays'. A true bashment party,… read more →

SuperBlast x Montana Cans x BerlinBoomBox

Yo! This is a little fun project that just launched... A custom made Boombox.
Enjoy the making-of video... Peace!
Andrew Hardingham

New lines are found in the fall!

you never stop looking for new lines to ride. Spring, Summer, Fall and winter. if you have eyes your always finding things to fall down. this fall i've been looking hard. Hiking mountains, floating rivers, and climbing up canyons. all before the snow falls.
Electric Punanny

World Tour - #2 Stockholm

Our 2nd stop on the tour was also the headquarters of WeSC, good ol' Stockholm, Sweden! Luckily we got to spend 3 full days there - Melo and I already have plans to come back. We fell in love with the city so quickly! The in-store event at Jakobsbergsgatan 6 was a blast! Celebrating the collaboration with Happy Socks, we all sported polka dots like it was our job :)

Later that night we DJ'd the afterparty at Nosh & Chow with Linda, who was a sweetheart! And great house DJ… read more →
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