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Return of the Rudeboy

Congratulations to curators Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott on a superb show!

Originating from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica in the late 1950s, Rudeboy or Rudie came to represent the young rebels who wore distinctively sharp sartorial styles such as Mohair suits, thin ties and pork pie hats. This is an essential exhibition looking at the essence of what it is to be a Rudeboy for a 21st century generation.

at Somerset House, London - until 25th Aug (free admission!)… read more →
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Urban Archaeology: 21 Years of Mo'Wax

James Lavelle's Mo Wax exhibition is a real treat for music / design & art lovers. From the early days of Swifty's signature 'phat graphix' through to Futura 2000's inimitable art - not to mention the music from the likes of Attica Blues / DJ Shadow / DJ Krush - Mo Wax was surely more than just a record label - its our social history!

Here's a few pix / sneak peak from last night's opening party >>>

More info here>>>
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Future/Memory Book Launch Berlin

Future/Memory Book Launch Berlin
Zwei Drei Raum - Gitschiner Str. 20-22, 10969 Berlin
26.04. 2014 / 18:00–22:00

The book FUTURE/MEMORY, designed and curated by artist SuperBlast (Berlin) and published by Dokument Press (Stockholm), reflects the exhibition presented under the same title in HELLERAU/Dresden in July 2013. Both, the exhibition and book FUTURE/MEMORY combine works by first-rate international artists rooted in and inspired by street… read more →
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Out to Sea

Took a little diversion on a trip to Liverpool to check out Gormley's 'Another Place'. 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometres of the shore, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea. Silent expectation.
Babak Azarmi

Selassie' eye - Ethiopia + Zambia #1

I´ve been waiting to blog for the past five days (difficulties with tech). But now we´re live with it.

I am on a 12 day tour in Ethiopia and Zambia with some of my favorite musicians and peers, Eboi, Marcus Price, Gnucci, Cristian Dinamarca and the WESC activist Spoek Mathambo.
Selam (superb organization in Sweden) and the Swedish Institute initiated the trip which will end with a entrepreneur gathering in Lusaka with creative people like Mikael Ahlström (Britny, Hyper… read more →
Electric Punanny

World Tour - #6 Japan

Our last and final stop on tour was Tokyo, Japan! We were so excited about this stop because it was our first time in Japan... ever, in life. The minute we stepped off the plane, we were taken care of. The hospitality and polite culture in Japan is unmatched. Had it not been for the people who looked after us, Mura, Uda and Shiho - we would have been infinity lost!

We got to spend 4 days in Japan, visiting the neighborhoods of Harajuku, Shibuya, Roppongi and more. Between… read more →
Electric Punanny

World Tour - #5 Australia

Our next stop on the tour was in the land down under, Australia! We had 3 amazing gigs lined up in Melbourne, Sydney and an island just off the coast of Brisbane.

In Melbourne we got to spend a few days with our tour manager Leenie Mayfield who took us eating, shopping and sightseeing. Our event at Revolver was fantastic, with Chuckie Mayfield painting a huge lion in the club and Mat Cant guest DJing.

Sydney, even though we spent solely 24 hours there, was jam packed… read more →
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SuperBlast x WeSC Collab Collection - Fall 2013

Much love to the WeSC family! I´m very happy with the SuperBlast mini collection!
Thanks to the homies from Draw A Line
for the great video!
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