USA Interview: Vanessa Prager Talks Art

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    on Jun 1st 2011
  • USA
WeActivist and LA-based artist Vanessa Prager
has been gaining some serious exposure for her artwork. Super talented and self taught, this week alone Vanessa has been featured in the Huffington Post
, Curated Mag
, and W Magazine
to name a few. For those lucky enough to be in the LA area, Vanessa will be having a solo show this Thursday, June 2nd. Across The Universe
will be a one night only show, hosted by Danny Masterson at ADBD Gallery.

You work in a variety of mediums creating art in a number of visual forms from painting, to drawing, to designing super impressive window displays. Where did it all begin?

I first started with painting when I was 16 and then got into drawing a little later on. Doing installations sort of came after that with a desire to create art on multiple dimensions.

Tell us about "Across the Universe." Which mediums were used in these pieces and what type of work will you be showing?

For Across the Universe
I'm bringing together all three - my recent oil paintings, ballpoint pen drawings, and also an installation. I wanted to combine these elements for the full effect - there's a lot you can do with an installation that can't be done with a painting or drawing, all of the mediums work off of each other and sort of just go together.

Do you have a favorite piece in this set of work?

That's a hard question. I wouldn't say I have a favorite but some pieces I have a different attachment to.

What are you most excited about showing at Across the Universe -- what would you say makes this show different from shows you've put together in the past?

I wanted to really just go nuts for this show, working with whatever elements I wanted in order to create a more personal representative of me and who I am. The thought was that it would be something that would either work or wouldn't work, and if people didn't like it, that's fine. Luckily I've had a lot of supporters that have been great and really like what I'm doing and for that I'm thankful. WeSC and Whole Foods have been very supportive of me.

Danny Masterson is hosting your solo show, we think that's pretty fantastic. What's it like working with Danny?

He's awesome! Danny is supportive and in general, just really believes in art. It's nice having him there to bring a different element to the show, a different kind of vibe.

Any upcoming projects you think we should know about?

I have an independent solo show coming to Subliminal Gallery in LA next spring which will feature an entirely new project I'm working on now.