Sweden Stereo Skateboards giveaway with Chris Pastras!

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    on Dec 18th 2012
  • Sweden
The givers keep on giving - perfectly in line with the Christmas spirit! WeActivist
Chris Pastras and the crew over at Stereo Skateboards are part of a special Christmas giveaway thing with Ride Channel and here's how you enter it:

"For the next 7 days RIDE Channel will release 7 videos with 7 prizes, from 7 different brands including: Stereo, Quiksilver, Vans, Pig Wheels, Woodward, Independent, and Nixon.

Make sure to watch each day! Leave a comment stating which item you want and why you deserve it, you just might get lucky! There is no limit on comments or items to choose!"

The video is below but to win which you do by commenting + liking, click your way through to it on Youtube!