Andrew Hardingham

Andrew Hardingham

i been travelling… and eating… and i took a photo

i loaded up my dog and hit yellowstone National Park and although most of the stones were grey with zero sign of the "yellow" stone, i still enjoyed it!
i also enjoyed central and north western Oregon. Portland is cool.
Andrew Hardingham

New lines are found in the fall!

you never stop looking for new lines to ride. Spring, Summer, Fall and winter. if you have eyes your always finding things to fall down. this fall i've been looking hard. Hiking mountains, floating rivers, and climbing up canyons. all before the snow falls.
Andrew Hardingham

Creating a SPLITBOARD out of damaged goods.

This is a craftsman film about opening up my world for more free-riding opportunities:

The reason I think split boarding has become so popular is because of it’s natural progression and as snowboarding matures and becomes more intellectual, people will seek out new ideas and ways to broaden there snowboard horizons. Nothing against park jumps and rails but you can only hit so many before you crave a different substance. But the quest for powder can get expensive and… read more →
Andrew Hardingham

The Straitest "GAY" Lumberjack in Alaska

Andy-Pandy needed to find a way to set himself aside from the other pure men of Alaska.
he dug deep and discovered woman love Manly Men that are in touch with there emotions. thats when he became... The straitest "gay" lumberjack in AK!

Tailgate Alaska 2013"
Filmed by Mark Oliver
Andrew Hardingham
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Andrew Hardingham


an hours drive from Banff Alberta is diamond in the rough called RK Helicopter skiing. we pulled up and the powder was on. famed Swedish freerider "Johan Olofsson" and i shredding everything.
here is the video: ENJOY!
Andrew Hardingham

St. Anton Short: Lines on ESPN

Just got back from a delicious little trip to Austria. the days were filled with deep snow, tight chutes, Aged Cheese, Smoked meets and Wiessbier yah! here is the first instalment of my short film series on enjoy
Andrew Hardingham

TailGate Alaska EVENT!

This season i've have been asked to host the "2013 Tailgate Alaska" event in Thompson Pass, near Valdez, Alaska. i graciously accepted and the reason is this... every powder or free-ride snowboarder must one day make the pilgrimage to AK. its where the big mountain riding got started for our sport and its also where it has so often been taken to the next level. i want to be there during this event because its the best time of the year for snow, weather, lines and great people… read more →
Andrew Hardingham


my last two days were spent with the SNOWBOARD Magazine crew in the Percell mountains of BC Canada. One of Canada's highest altitude Helicopter riding operations, RK Heli has some really intense terrain in and around the Jumbo glacier area. high altitude means colder snow and better champing powder, and thats exactly what we got this week, DEEP TURNS!
RK Helicopter riding is located in Panorama village just outside of Invermere BC in the east Kootenay mountains. It was here… read more →
Andrew Hardingham

Snowboard stoke - POWDER

i thought id upload this video because WESC helped me so much to film it last year. its a fun one and highlights a few big lines and some amazing powder in Canada! hope you enjoy it.
-Sandbox productions-Day and Age-


Andrew Hardingham

i am a man who loves sandwiches and i also enjoy female nudity. i'm a huge fan of films. i have watched more than 12 in my life. i know thats impressive but i also pay a dime to send the local "cool kid" to the movie show and he comes back and tells us all about the magic he saw. so its like i've seen 50 movies and i only had to pay for 12 and my really odd uncle who never seemed to ever have a girl friend took me to 2 of those movies. so i only really paid for 10. so to answer the question of "who am i" i would have to say - A BIG winner.