Mitchy Bwoy

Mitchy Bwoy

Out to Sea

Took a little diversion on a trip to Liverpool to check out Gormley's 'Another Place'. 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometres of the shore, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea. Silent expectation.
Mitchy Bwoy


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1st up: a little look around the studio + a couple of recent art events.

Look forward to seeing you on there!!


Mitchy Bwoy

Masquerade / Q-Tip / tonight

#Offline takes a turn to the dark side tonight with a full blown Masquerade. Check out the mighty Q-Tip the Abstract with DJ Kamala and Natasha Diggs. Masks are encouraged!

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Mitchy Bwoy

Bobbito Garcia - this Monday

Basketball headz & music lovers - don't miss the author, filmmaker & DJ legend Bobbito Garcia - October 14th, at Le Bain NYC. Totally free with RSVP!

<<His film "Doin' it in the Park" is essential viewing - click for info>>

<<event info & RSVP here>>
Mitchy Bwoy

Danny Krivit / NYC Tonight!

Giant Step's monthly Monday night at Le Bain is back on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel with the return of NY legend & King of the Re-edit, Danny Krivit.

This event is totally FREE! All you've got to do is RSVP:

<<More info / RSVP here>>>
Mitchy Bwoy

Tonight! DJ Spinna / NYC

Giant Step's monthly Monday night at Le Bain returns to the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel with the world-class DJ Spinna and a very special DJ set by Electric Wire Hustle.

<<RSVP - more info here>>


Mitchy Bwoy

Mitchy Bwoy
(Homosapien Typographicus)

A new and unique organism, the Typographicus (common name: Mitch) was discovered about a decade ago in West London, however his place of origin is thought to be somewhere around the Shires of Northern England.

Generally friendly and good natured, Mitch enjoys work in equal measure to play. He requires constant visual stimulus and a strict diet of good music in addition to supplements of irreverent humour and spontaneity.

Mitch is a habitual creature, happily spending most of the day creating distinctive designs and illustrations for other discerning mammals. This is essential for the breed’s well-being.

Neither overly dominant nor overly submissive, Mitch is usually well-behaved, but may have a tendency to snore and does experience flatulence on a regular basis.

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