Steed Lord

Steed Lord

New Steed Lord Remix !

New remix from the exotic Icelandic disco trio Ghost Of Sky (Steed Lord Remix)

We hope it keeps your rabbit feet moving over the easter holidays!

Download The Prophecy pt. 1
from Steed Lord

Steed Lord

Steed Lord - Hear Me Now (Music Video)

Check out Steed Lord's latest music film creation 'Hear Me Now'

Watch it in FULL HD with powerful WeSC Headphones and drift away into Steed Lord's world!

Steed Lord

Steed Lord with a new remix EP!

Steed Lord's new single 'Precognition' just got treated with some remixes from ATL's own Klever, Icelandic vikings in Legend and two remixes from Steed Lord themselves, one for the sunset pool parties and another one for the midnight warehouse raves!

head on over to Bandcamp
or iTunes
to grab the EP from The Steeds!
Steed Lord

Steed Lord DJ Mix May 2012

Summer is here already in New Crack City cause Steed Lord just dropped one of the funkiest dj mixes out there for all of you to enjoy!

The mix contains some brand new remixes by Steed Lord and some secret Steed edit's that will be revealed soon when they announce the track list on their Facebook
page in a few days....

so crack open a brewski to this one and boogie on down!

Steed Lord

The Steed Store, Scarfs & Video!

Steed Lord just launched The Steed Lord Store
with their new Steed Scarfs and other goodies. And of-course they made a trippy video
to match it!

Peep it out yall' and hang some Steednezz around your neck!


    The Steed Scarfs are now finally available on
    Made out of 100% afghan cotton with vintage fringe in different colours.
    Each one is handmade and one of a kind.
    Designed by Kali. Handwash only.

    Video + Music + Art by Steed Lord
Steed Lord

Free Steed Lord Remix!

Steed Lord are kickin' off the new year with a brand new remix for Icelandic band Legend!
You can head on over to Lord´s Facebook page
for a free download !

Steed Lord

Steed Lord x Fresh.i.Am 'MxM' Video

Yo! Check out the new video from Steed Lord!

Created for the release of their hat collaboration with Fresh.i.Am
from Atlanta.

These hats are a super limited release so get yours fast on

Steed Lord

Mega Dandy

Mega from Steed Lord lookin' all dandy in the new WeSC fall collection!
Steed Lord

Pre-order The Eddie House EP from Steed Lord

Steed Lord are offering a pre-order of their upcoming Eddie House EP exclusively on their Bandcamp page! So support the Steeds and grab some quality disco house for your parteeyyy!

The Eddie House EP on Bandcamp!

Steed Lord

What are Steed Lord cooking?

The Eddie House EP!
......soon blasting in the stereo system at a BBQ party near you!

join us for dinner on



Steed Lord

Steed Lord is a music and visual art collective from Iceland based in Los Angeles creating electronic synthesizer pop music, films, music videos, fashion and art.
They have toured all over the world with their amazing, unique and energetic live shows.
Steed Lord is a band you have to experience live on-stage to understand the power of their performance and visual world.

Steed Lord have been proud WeSC Activists since 2007.

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