2011/11/11 - 2011/11/11
Hendre Hall, Bangor, North Wales. (United Kingdom)

WeSC UK Activist "Synkro" is putting on a cracking night this coming week along with Friend of WeSC "Indigo" and the PYC crew. It's being held at Hendra Hall in Bangor in North Wales, which will be a great venue. Theres x3 rooms with highlights featuring dBridge, Synkro & Indigo, Illumsphere and Troy Gunner, more info can be found at!/event.php?eid=264017560284803

Synkro's remix of Submotion Orchestra's "Always"

WeSC UK Activist "SYNKRO" has done a remix of Submotion Orchestra's "Always", it's a more minimally inspired version, which is both hypnotic and haunting, check it out by clicking the link below......



Making his name primarily through his dubstep/two-step output, Manchester's Joe Synkro effortlessly transcends electronic genres with his brand of deep bass driven music, hot stepping between 140 and 170bpm with a wide range of thoughtful and, at times, beautifully delicate sounds. Synkro proved himself a force to be reckoned with in 2010, releasing some of his finest work to date in the Autonomic framework showcased on the Autonomic Podcast’s & on labels such as Exit (Mosaic Music EP), Blackout Music, & Med School (New Blood) including a remix of one of his tunes from the Exit Recordings label boss and noted electronic visionary dBridge..


Although still maintaining a presence in the wider bass music sphere, Synkro showcased his diversity in tempo, structure and new sound with the superlative ‘Reservoir’ bw ‘Just Say’ on Box Clever & ‘Angels VIP’ bw ‘Good Loving’ on Smokin' Sessions. Major support for Synkro music has come from names like dBridge, Instra:mental, ASC, Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Brendon Moeller, Mary Anne Hobbs, London Electricity, Kasra & many more. This has displayed a maturation of his sound & style, and with material of various tempos scheduled for release on respected labels labels such as Exit, Autonomic, Brownswood Recordings, Blackout Music, Critical, Warm Communications, Pushing Red, Mindset, Box Clever any many more, it has become increasingly obvious that this will be the year when Synkro takes his deserved place amongst the luminaries of the electronic music world.

Synkro's musical career has already seen him DJing everywhere from Manchester to Poland, London to Belgium, and Cardiff to the USA, and it is inevitable there will be many more stamps in Synkro's passport by the end of this year as he takes his new sound to the world.

Forthcoming Releases 2011

Tribe / Here's Your (Forthcoming Box Clever) limited 10" & digital
Presence / Memory / Questions - (Forthcoming Styrax) limited 12"
Stop & Think / Closed Doors (Forthcoming Millions of Moments)
Prologue / Summer Blues - (Forthcoming Blackout Music Limited)
Progression / (Indigo Remix) - (Forthcoming Exit Records)

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