Oscar Meza - WeActivist!

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    on Dec 6th 2012
We are incredibly happy to welcome Oscar Meza as a WeActivist! As an introduction to him, to get to know this rad guy a bit better we thought we'dstart things off with a small interview plus video we've made with him!

Here we go:

Tell us where your from, and how you got into skateboarding?

I'm from Los Angeles CA and I got introduced to skateboarding by my older brother.

What was the skate scene like then and there?

I started messing around with the skateboard with friends just ridding it on our knees or pushing each other sitting down on it down the block. it wasn't till my brother one day took me and my younger brother to his new high school witch was LA High where I was introduced to real skating! I was blown away - super in shock of what was really capable on a board. that scene was super sick! It’s what pulled me into skating, from watching how it was all really just about having fun and messing around. wish I was old enough to have actually hung out with everyone then I was just that 9 10 year old hanging out far away spectating all the madness.

Your from South Central LA, a place known more for gang violence than skateboarding, was it tough being a skater in that area?

Not where I first grew up skating in West LA… But once we moved down to south central things got a little tough I'd say. It was around the time where skating wasn't so cool and definitely not around the area I was in but I had a cool group of friends that were down with the same shit as me so we didn't care. Things have definitely changed now a days!

When did Flip come about and how?

It all happened about a year ago. I just got a random call from Arto one day to compliment me about my online part I had just dropped. I couldn't believe that was happening laughs… I remember even answering like (Arto...? Arto Saari...?) I was so stoked!!! He rides for Destructo so he had got my number from them. He invited me to come out and skate the following weekend and we just became friends. We skated and hung out for a few months without ever talking about me getting on Flip or anything. I was already friends with some of the guys and got along well with everyone else so it just kinda happened naturally. I already felt like I was a part of the crew before even riding Flip boards so when Arto brought up the conversation about getting a program going I was 100% down. It was definitely one of the raddest days ever. I will always remember that car ride, love you brother!

Tell us was it like filming for your Flip Welcome video? It was very well received!

It was super fun! At first, me and Tim Cisilino just went out and filmed not really knowing what we were going to use the footage towards. Once I stacked a few things I asked Andrew Shusterman if I could just work on a part for them and they were super down with the idea so we just took it from there. I was dealing with stretched ligaments on my ankle threw out the whole part so that was kinda stressing but we made it happen. It took some time but its out and rocking and rolling!

Describe what it's like to be a part of that brand?

It’s the shit!!! Straight up the raddest dudes to get to be around with! Couldn't be more stoked! Pure Destruction!!

When and how did WeSC come about?

I'm friends with WeActivist Chris Pastras and one day he told me that they were looking for new Ams and that if I was into it he could talk to them about me. I was all for it and one thing led to another and here I am, a proud WeActivist!

What drew you in toward the brand?

Definitely the style of clothing, it being different in a lot of ways then just your regular skate clothing brand, and everyone I've been meeting so far behind the company have been super rad so that has definitely drawn me towards it.

Main motivations in life and skateboarding?

My mom, all family and friends, my childhood life, live the skate life, watching a little kid at a park having the time of his life on the board being careless about falling, great views, man so many things motivate me. All the small things.

Music of choice?

Depending on the mood. I'm down with a lot of deferent styles of music.

Well how about Top 5 Albums of all time?

“Brave New World”-Iron Maiden
“Band of Gypsies”-Jimi Hendrix
“The Carter II”-Lil Wayne
“Strange Days”-The Doors
“The Dark Side of the Moon”-Pink Floyd

Favorite things about skateboarding?

Fun, the feeling after rolling away from a new trick, visualizing yourself doing something you probably had a doubt you can do then going out and making it happen.

Let’s just say everything!

Favorite skaters?

Too many!

Favorite and least favorite thing about Los Angeles?

Favorite thing would have to be the weather and least favorite thing would have to be all the smog.

Dream travel locations and why?

The whole world! I want to experience being around all the different cultures and seeing all the amazing visuals there is out there.

We just recently helped you get to NYC for the first time, what was the experience like?

Yeah thanks again, it was amazing! Such a beautiful place. It’s been a dream of mine to go to the big apple and getting to be there for my 21st borthday was just the perfect time! I haven't even been back in LA for a week and I'm already flying back over there tomorrow for another week trip, can’t wait!

How does it feel to be 21?!

Not much different, it’s just a number.

What projects can we look forward to coming up from you? People want more Oscar Meza!

Well now that WeSC is welcoming me into the Am squad I want to work on a little something for them. Just gonna keep living day by day and doing deferent projects as they appear so stay tune. I’m definitely gonna keep the wheels rolling!

Do you have a Motto?

“Skate Fast and Live Faster”

Any parting words of wisdom?

Treat every project like it’s your first…and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. Lastly, enjoy the small things in life.