Superlative Conspiracy No.2

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    on Feb 28th 2012
People are driven by instinct - instinct that make you act and reach to other people, emotions, happenings, thoughts, sounds. It’s a system of emotional, physical and psychological triggers - some of which we’re born with, they’re in our DNA - others that we learn via life and experiences.

Some of them we can control, others we have no other choice than to surrender to. It’s the reaction to it that matters: how the receivers respond, react and may or may not take it further. It is what makes it interesting: the response it triggers.

In this issue of the Superlative Conspiracy, No.2, we meet people who create and make us all react and respond. People with the ideas, strength and creativity to create sources of reaction - may it be music, thoughts, art or inventions that saves lives. What they do - and what we do - is intended as a stimuli and inspiration.

With that, we welcome you to the Superlative Conspiracy - our own little universe where we do things that, hopefully, make you react.
And enjoy.

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