Superlative Conspiracy No.3!

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    on Jun 21st 2012
One thing we always keep coming back to is the idea of good people doing great things together. May it be drinking beers and telling each other stories that makes sense to no one but yourself, starting a band and making music for the world to see or simply gather you, your friends and the creatives around you to make something that no one expects - it’s all good. The thing is: when people come together and exchange ideas - things happen.

A time of the year when gatherings of people increase is the summer. We’re finally not forced to spend all the time indoors if you happen to live in a northern country, such as for example Sweden and can actually roam the streets in search of activities to take part in, live things to see and more people to have eye contact with. We love summer. It’s the season when we tend to come to life and become more vivid, if that’s a simple enough conclusion - and that is what we hereby encourage you to do too.

With this we’re introducing the Superlative Conspiracy No.3 - the summer issue of this publication/collection of peoples creativity/words and thoughts or what you refer to it as. This issue, with beautiful WeActivist Kim Matulova on the cover, includes a lot of what we we hope to serve as entertainment and inspiration. Music features includes Millencolin, Spoek Mathambo and Pusha T, the voices section has contributors such as Eugene Kan, Tabatha McGurr and Arnaud Delecolle, a skate story by French Fred, a look into a weekend by Ray Barbee, photographs by Kenneth Capello, Matthew Salacuse and Chris Mosier. Words, music, the internet, photographs, arts and more is all collected here and we hope you like it.

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