Superlative Conspiracy No.4

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    on Sep 11th 2012
Life is good. It is, because we have it. It’s easy to compare yourself and your possessions, your being and your reality with others but sometimes you just need to stop and look at what you got - and treasure that. We’re all here, there, everywhere - giving and getting, seeing and being seen, giving and receiving - and that’s a beautiful thing. When you feel like you have nothing more to give - take a step back, retreat and feel refreshed and start over.

That is what we want for this fall - we show you where we find inspiration, where our people channel their inner selves and where they get the energy to create and give back. May it be the streets, the woods or in the sanctuary of their homes. This fall issue of the Superlative Conspiracy, No.4, fea- tures the WeActivists in their Superlative Spaces; being where they find inspiration and the peace of mind to create and be the good people they are.

We also talk to new music sensation Zhala Rifat, get inspired by the IRAK crew, see a different side of London, we receive words and voices from people who have relevant things to say, such as Edina Sultanik and Eddie Zammit, and we’re presented with the art of incredibly talented Travis Mil- lard. We also present visuals and photographs from some of the better photographers we know like Jonnie Craig, Kunle Martins and Jens Andersson. Plus, we like to be out there and have fun, so we wanted to re-visit some of the better parties we’ve hosted lately with people such as Grillat & Grändy, Icona Pop, the A$AP Mob, Zebra Katz and our friends. All fronted by the cover story of Alex Prager, shot by Geoff Moore.

At the end of it all, we hope this issue serves as a tool for you to see something new and to be inspired to create something. Because at the end of the day, that is what makes it worth it. That and all the good people doing great things together.

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