WeSC x The Standard: Steed Lord for The Standard Headphones

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    on Nov 8th 2011
To celebrate the collaboration between the two brands WeSC and The Standard proudly present a series of short films created by a group of selected artists who are an active part of the Superlative Conspiracy and whose creativity represent WeSC and The Standard’s art, travel and music sensibility.

We present: Steed Lord for The Standard Headphone with the film titled "Transform".

‘Transform’ is musical short film by Steed Lord for The Standard Hotel x WeSC Headphone collaboration.
We were inspired by the pale grey color of the headphones and the old skool 70s design when we made the film. The film is a story about two humans traveling through the same city, same streets and the same hotel room but at different times and with different purposes. It’s sort of an experimental take on our travels across the world and the jet lagged mind states we are in when we travel from one continent to another to perform our music and art. And because we write a lot of our music on the road, in hotel rooms, on trains and in airports it inspired us to compose a special song for this project
enjoy! ....and always evolve and transform.

Steed Lord:
Steed Lord is a musical performance art project working on the frontiers of pure creativity with music making and energetic live performances, experimental filmmaking, photography, fashion design, graphic design and other visual art. The threesome Kali, Mega and eddie all hail from their native Iceland where they grew up in the entertainment and art world learning their craft at an early age in their fathers studios.

Steed Lord have since 2006 been a 100% DIY project and toured all over the world with their music, performing for thousands of fans along with licensing their music on multiple record labels as well as their own.
Steed Lord have been proud WeActivists since 2007.