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Wordplay Magazine x WeSC – Album of the Year 2014

Once again we’ve teamed up with WORDPLAY MAGAZINE
to bring you the Wordplay Magazine X WeSC UK Hip Hop Album of the Year award. With so many brilliant albums coming from the many talent laden labels across the country the competition should be closely contested. You can see the full list of entries, have a listen to some of the albums and are able to vote here
. Voting goes on until 10th January and the winning album will be announced within a few days.
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Stereo Family goes crate diggin' in Stereophonic Sound Vol 23!

In Volume 23 of Stereophonic Sound Stereo go “Diggin in the Crates” with an excerpt from their 2008 Promo video “Agency Field Report” with Chris “Dune” Pastras, Clint Peterson, Carl Shipman & Matt Rodriguez. Next we follow Yoshi Tanenbaum to PA to skate the massive compound at Woodward East.

Special Thanks to Woodward East, Dave Metty, Carl Shipman, Go Pro, and WeSC. The WeSCxSTEREO collab collection is available online

Yoshi at Woodward Filmed by: Ben Hatchell
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WeSC UK News

Nick Remon - Albion Section

UK Activist Nick Remon has Jedi feet, you can see this here in Albion - a British skateboarding video by Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrott & Morph. Check the clip below to witness.
Mitchy Bwoy

Scrawl • 15 years

Proud to be involved in the 15th anniversary celebrations for the Scrawl Collective. In 1999 Ric Blackshaw released the book "Scrawl - dirty graphics and strange characters", a visual feast charting the influence of graffiti, DIY punk ethics, comic books and street art on mainstream visual culture. 15 years later Ric is 'getting the band back together' with live art from the original Scrawl Collective three, Will Barras, Mr Jago and Steff Plaetz - plus numerous new artworks… read more →
Mitchy Bwoy

Mo'Wax • Build and Destroy • Saatchi Gallery

The music of James Lavelle's record label Mo Wax has always been synonymous with great artwork & design. The new show 'Build and Destroy' at the prestigious Saatchi gallery is testament to that fact. The show features works by artists such as Robert Del Naja and Futura from the Mo'Wax 'Urban Archaelogy' Archive - also superb new work from the labels original designer Swifty.

Here's a few pix from the opening reception.

Mo Wax - more info

Saatchi Store - more info